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KWizCom Tagging Feature Launch

Maximize your data potential with KWizCom's complete, enterprise taxonomy management solution for SharePoint!

Toronto, Canada - November 18, 2008 KWizCom announces the launching of KWizCom Tagging Feature - its complete, enterprise Taxonomy Management solution for SharePoint.

A leading provider of components and tools for knowledge workers, KWizCom specializes in SharePoint add-ons that provide new and extended functionality to Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

KWizCom's Nimrod Geva, VP Sales & Marketing explains: "Our mission is to put KWizCom clients on the fast track to productivity - that is why we developed what is essentially a tagging feature that provides an extensive taxonomy management solution for SharePoint-based document management, collaboration workspaces, portals and web sites. This feature allows our clients to maximize their data potential, save time and become more efficient and productive."

Like all KWizCom products their all-encompassing taxonomy management solution is compatible with both MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 thus making it accessible for both big and smaller businesses. Users of both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox can utilize KWizCom's taxonomy solution to equal benefit as KWizCom's enterprise taxonomy management solution for SharePoint is cross browser compatible.

The Taxonomy Solution, like all KWizCom products, is multi-lingual, a feature enhancing usability for KWizCom customers worldwide and enabling easy implementation.

What does it do?

KWizCom's Tagging Feature is an all-in-one solution that supports all taxonomy management needs and methods including:


More on the rationale behind KWizCom's taxonomy solution, how the tagging feature works and information (including user manuals, trial versions and open discussion on SharePoint related features) on other KWizCom solutions can be accessed, free of charge, at and

So what are the main benefits of KWizCom's complete, enterprise taxonomy management solution?

Users gain the ability to search with ease and much higher efficacy thus saving time, preventing frustration and enabling maximization of one of a company's most precious assets - its data, information and knowledge.

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