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Cub Scouts receive a donation of KWizCom's SharePoint Calendar Plus Pro

KWizCom gives Illinois Cub Scouts donation of Calendar Plus Pro for the Pack SharePoint website.

Toronto, Canada - January 5, 2008

"Who would dream a web-component company from a different country would help us? But that's exactly what KWizCom did!" exclaims Rob Potthoff, the IT Manager for the Yorkville Pack 340 website.

The Illinois Yorkville Pack 340, like other Cub Scout packs across America, is dedicated instilling in their "cubs" a strong backbone of values and morals that will help the boys of today create a brighter future tomorrow.

Cub Scouts is a year round family program designed for boys 7-10 years of age. Parents, leaders and organizations work together to attain the goals of scouting which include citizenship training, character development and physical development of the boys. Boy Scouts are for older boys, ages 11-17.

In September 2008 the Yorkville Pack decided to put together a website, a virtual campfire if you will, around which the Yorkville community could gather. A website is an effective way to detail activities and layout the pack schedule so that the community can organize successful events. The pack particularly needed a calendar for their website.

Unfortunately, like with so many other good causes the scout pack has a minimal budget with which to actualize their goals.

KWizCom's SharePoint Calendar Plus was the perfect solution for the website but it was beyond the pack budget. The web part, especially designed for customizations would enable (among other things) connections to any number of SharePoint lists of any type on any location and grant one consolidated view of all aggregated events.

Learning of Rob's need, KWizCom made the decision to help and donate the Calendar Plus web part to the Yorkville 340 Scout Pack.

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales and Marketing explains: "We believe in supporting good causes and community building is an important one. What could be better than investing in children? We are a global community and we are happy to give anything we can to help the children of today make tomorrow brighter for us all. Calendar Plus for one community may not be a big thing but we believe that every little bit counts and are happy to do our part".

Jeffery J. Shawl, Cub Master says, "In the Scout Oath we pledge 'To help other people at all times'. It warms my heart to see a high-tech company do exactly that".

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