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Why To Use The MOSS 2007 Forum Web Part

The MOSS 2007 forum web part can give your SharePoint platform the ability to work like a real internet forum. With the MOSS 2007 forum web part, any page that you or your employees are on can connect to other sites' discussion lists, which creates cross-site forums for easy participation. And like a regular forum works, anyone can be invited or restricted from accessing the discussion, and you can monitor every thread right from your computer.

The MOSS 2007 forum web part is a great way to keep everyone updated on a regular basis at the same time. Unlike the telephone, you can each every single employee at once. And unlike e-mail, every employee can see the discussion, participate, and respond to everyone else on the discussion board - not just you. The MOSS 2007 forum web part makes it easy to share ideas, get responses, and to encourage communication between your employees.

SharePoint is incredibly powerful in and of itself, allowing users to connect to anyone else on the system. You can implement SharePoint to give your employees a way to share data and documents, and work together on projects, even if they are on opposite sides of the globe. Adding in additional web parts, such as the MOSS 2007 forum web part, can help your employees get more done even faster.

With a MOSS 2007 forum web part, you can offer your employees a platform for discussions that works just like a regular online forum. Users can start new discussions, respond to questions or topics, and add their own ideas quickly and easily. You can monitor the forums from wherever you are to make sure they aren't being abused, and restrict users from being able to post in areas of the forum you do not want them to have access to.

You can also use the MOSS 2007 forum web part to allow anonymous posting. This is a great way to implement something similar to a suggestion box, where employees can submit ideas or concerns anonymously. You can then address them as you see fit. You can also allow employees to respond to problems anonymously, making a more secure working environment for them and making them feel more comfortable discussing certain topics with you.

Implementing a MOSS 2007 forum web part would make a contact system for your entire company more efficient than e-mail or telephone. Anyone can participate in discussions, with no limit to how many people can participate at one time. The forum also keeps track of what is said by users, so if there is any question of who said what, it can easily be solved just by going through your post archives. This can virtually remove any possibility of employees trying to pass blame on to someone else, and allows everyone else to see what is going on in real time.

The MOSS 2007 forum web part is a great tool to use in addition to the SharePoint software. It can cut down on the time your employees waste trying to reach another employees, make it easy to share ideas with anyone else in the company, and makes it possible for you to monitor everything that goes on in your company during working hours.

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