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The Benefits Of The Roll Up Web Part

The Rollup Web Part can be used in conjunction with SharePoint to bring together data from various places. This makes it possible for you to view the streaming data in real time, and filter and organize documents and information as you choose. You can create lists based on these filters to find specific information you are looking for, or compile a master list to search through everything at once. You can save the list searches for later use with the Rollup Web Part as well.

Using the Rollup Web Part with SharePoint boosts SharePoint's flexibility. With the Rollup Web Part , you can create multiple sites with workspaces for each employee, and then manage all of these workspaces with one central command. You can see exactly what your employees are doing, and manage all of your company's data with a simple click of a mouse. SharePoint's efficiency is incredibly enhanced, and it makes it easier for everyone to get their work done, including you.

You can create and configure multiple connections through the Rollup Web Part that essentially build an entire virtual network through your SharePoint environment. This will allow your employees to find and display data that they need to work with, and copy or edit documents that they did not create that are in the system. The Rollup Web Part then lets others retrieve and re-sort the data so that in can be found quickly for their own uses, without making edits to the master lists that are in place.

The Rollup Web Part lets you as the business owner track of all of the documents throughout the system, as well. When an employee edits date in the SharePoint system, you can track the changes they made, and how long they spent with the document. This information cannot be altered, effectively putting an end to trying to figure out who edited or deleted data that should not have been touched.

With SharePoint and the Rollup Web Part, your IT team can easily build, manage, and make fixes to the network company-wide, as well. This makes problems easy to find, and even easier to fix, significantly reducing the amount of downtime your company suffers as the result of a technical problem. You can also watch what your IT professionals are doing remotely, so that you can stop the problem from happening again in the future.

The Rollup Web Part allows you to connect your employees in ways that you never before thought possible. With SharePoint and the Rollup Web Part, you can create, edit, and manage any data in your company's' database, contact any or all of your employees at once with one e-mail, create discussion lists that allow your employees to participate in live conversations across the entire company network, and so much more. No matter how far away your employees are, using the SharePoint system can connect everyone with the Rollup Web Part as if they were all working in the same room.

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