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Tacit Wiki Software

With a name taken from the Hawaiian phrase "wiki-wiki," which means "quick," Internet Wikis are simply websites to which users are allowed either to contribute new, or edit existing, content. Wikis permit users to edit or add information regardless of the Web browsers they use.

Wikis also allow users to change the way in which their content is organized, and delete information if they wish. They can do all of these changes without knowing anything about HTML coding or website design. Wikis are so user friendly because of their easy-to-understand interfaces.

The software application which makes a Wiki possible is referred to as its Wiki engine, and some of the best-known Wikis are built on open source Wiki engines designed for public use. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is probably the most famous of all Wikis

But Wikis have found an equally important use in the private sector, where countless businesses have come to depend on Wiki software to help their employees collaborate and manage their shared knowledge. Businesses are well aware of how crucial it is for individual employees to share and compare their knowledge, make critical connections and foresee consequences which will arise from different courses of action.

Wiki software is essential for companies whose employees posses what's known as "tacit" knowledge. Tacit knowledge differs from the explicit company knowledge like that of operating procedures and departmental responsibilities. Tacit knowledge is the sort of knowledge which people often have difficulty explaining to others. Tacit knowledge is specialized knowledge or a practical skill.

Understanding how to create a Wiki software engine is and example of tacit knowledge, as well as understanding how to use a Wiki to add, delete, or edit information is also tacit knowledge. Companies need ways to help their employee in all fields share their tacit knowledge in all fields in case those employees eventually leave their jobs.

KWizCom is in the business of facilitating knowledge sharing among company employees so that they can maximize the effectiveness of their Microsoft-based IT technologies. KWizCom's SharePoint line of Microsoft based tools was originally designed to disseminate information among employees.

Since 2007, however, thanks to the development of KWizCom's Sharepoint Wiki Plus, their customers using the KWizCom 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server can now add Wiki capability to their information sharing and development. Having Wiki software integrated into their Office server will provide employees with both the templates they need to create editable documents containing both explicit and tacit knowledge, l, and the RSS feed support they need to share them.

Thanks to the Wiki Plus software's Document Manager, employees with tacit knowledge can use images to display their hands-on skills, making it easier for others to understand what they're attempting to communicate.

If your business is already using KWizCom's SharePoint Office Server to let your employees share and store both their explicit and their tacit knowledge, why not go one step rather with Wiki Plus software? A truly successful business doesn't remain static and neither should its information base. With Wiki Plus from KWizCom, your employees' knowledge can develop as quickly as your information does!

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