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Wiki Software

If you're someone who's a compulsive "fixer," you may have you patience tried every time you come across and Internet site with content you know is in error. If it's content on your business website, you might be frantic about getting the content corrected. And that's exactly what Wiki software will let you do!

Wiki software is a server software application that will let you both create and change web page contents regardless of your browser. It includes hyperlink support and uses very basic text syntax, so you can not only build new pages, but effortlessly crosslink to pages within your website. Wiki, however, goes one step further, outshining other group communication software, allowing users to edit the way content from different contributors is organized.

The original Wiki software was engineered in the belief that letting Internet users create new website pages, or change the content on existing ones, would lead to a democratized Internet to which even the technologically challenged could contribute content. Developed by Ward Cunningham, Wiki took its name from WikiWikiWeb, a site which appeared in 1994 and was named for the Wiki-Wiki (quick-quick) passenger shuttle at the Honolulu Airport.

Most Wiki software is implemented as an application which can operate on multiple web servers, storing original content in a file system. Wiki software also stores changes to a site's content in a relational database management system. Recent edits are visible on the website's "Recent Changes" page, and many Wikis have a feature which allows users to view both edited and original page versions simultaneously.

KWizCom is a company committed to creating Knowledge-Worker components and software tools which let IT professionals and end users get the most out of their Microsoft-based technologies. They are best known for their SharePoint line of Microsoft add-ons, including the SharePoint Server, SharePoint Office Solution, and Project Server. While SharePoint is ideal for sharing static information many businesses require a Wiki capability to handle information which is continually changing.

In 2007, KWizCom introduced their version of Wiki software, Sharepoint Wiki Plus. This Wiki software was engineered specifically for clients using the KWizCom 2007 MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server). Its seamless integration with SharePoint makes Sharepoint Wiki software the perfect solution for companies who need an effective and affordable means of information sharing and development.

Wiki Plus software permits content editing and tagging, providing both Wiki templates and support for RSS feeds to disseminate the content. The software's Document Manager offers a nearly effortless way for users to add images and files to their Wiki pages. As your business evolves, you'll be able to track changes using embedded tables and pictures.

Use Wiki Plus software to include E-mail signatures, order confirmations, and feedback on problems in your SharePoint communications. Save more time by incorporating web links you'd like your employees to review.

KWizCom Wiki Plus software's integration with SharePoint means that both applications can be maintained simultaneously. The same IT professional who has been trained in SharePoint will be able to manage your Wiki Plus application, saving your business money on service fees!

If your employees have been enjoying the features of SharePoint without Wiki Plus, don't they deserve to see how much more they'll enjoy it with full Wiki software capabilities?


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