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Search List: Web Part Sharepoint Feature Explained

Searching for one or more lists; from the simplest to the most advanced Search List: Web Parts Sharepoint Feature will help the end users produce the greatest results. Others offer easy, trouble-free operators. Our Web Parts allow users to alter the extent of the search and allow conditional operator function, providing functionality further than the basic scope search capacity of SharePoint. Basic SharePoint search capability looks in lists and documents, but does not provide an easy way for an end user to limit their search to a specific list using specific fields or to specify how to display results. The results display is difficult for many users to interpret since it lists items from different lists and shows limited information.

The Search List: Web Parts Sharepoint Feature comes in two modules: Simple for the most basic features and those that only need specifics and Advanced for those who want complex yet clear and understandable data, so it will be based on the users preference and needs.

The Simple Search List: Web Part Simple is intended for you to configure for your end users. It presents a simple search interface for a single list without confusing field lists or Boolean operators. You can search only from preconfigured single or multiple lists. The search criteria are fixed and users can not select and change fields to be included for searching.

Here are the basic functions: Administrators can select the single list or multiple lists for the users to search against. Search criteria are setup by Administrators and with default search values. Users can enter search values and Boolean operators (AND/OR) between them. Search results can be displayed using a selected view or configured during Web Part setup. The search results are presented like a SharePoint list view that is familiar to most end users.

The Advanced Search List: Web Part Sharepoint provides you with the flexibility to create an advanced search interface and allow end users to perform a complex query on a large lists, such as issues or tasks, using all available fields with Boolean operators and grouping. The search operations - selection of the list(s) to be searched against and view for displaying the search results.

The advanced functions are: End users can choose single or multiple lists from site or various site groups. Complicated search condition can be implemented with combination of AND/OR across different field columns. CAML query can be used for searching (CAML query builder provided). This feature has modified the way users want to see their search results. Use an existing view as display template or select the field to be shown in the search results. Export the search results to CSV file.

The Search List: Web Part Sharepoint provides the flexibility to create a user friendly search interface and allow end users to perform a quick query on a large list, such as customer contacts. It can be easily done now, without having to rely on central IT administration support.

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