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SharePoint - Mini Calendar

You could have been soliciting for this add-on but you need not to worry. A compelling and very easy to use SharePoint mini calendar application is now available for your website. The mini calendar offers such an appeal to your visitors making them both regular visitors and quite excited about your web applications. The mini calendar comes in handy and it is such an attractive feature to incorporate on your website.

The mini calendar comes through uniquely. What you get is a SharePoint mini calendar that allows your site users to experience the schedule facility through a viewable schedule data which is derived from different sources. As such the web user is able to have an overview on the exchange server calendars as well as shared points lists from a variety of WSS websites. What is quite attractive is the normal calendar provision whereby the user views the custom calendar.

The benefits of the SharePoint mini calendar is that - with it you are able to give your web users a huge stand alone view of all meeting, events and schedules as well as meetings either shared or private. If you source for a SharePoint mini calendar, you get a web part displaying each of the events, meeting or the schedules through a color code which points out either of these schedules, meetings or events.

Using version 3.1.08 (beta) you get grid and mini calendar views in a one in all facility of the web part. If you are using Mozilla firefox, you can also easily use this application. Mozilla is compatible with it and it is deemed as quite good for publishing sites. What you get from the SharePoint mini calendar 3.1.08 version is enhancements which will allow you to add new events on the facility, use in-place-event updating interface as well as easily manipulate multiple time zones, all things which this version supports.

The SharePoint mini calendar actually is small and it quite well appears next to the SharePoint list. This allows easy filtering and highlighting of vital articles on the webpage by date. The advantages of this is saving time and giving easy access to scheduled tasks which a user may want to perform quickly. The ability of SharePoint's list is its ability to efficiently build a shared information platform. With a mini calendar, you also increase the users planning ability, time factor responses as well as speed in delivery of desired results through scheduling.

Using the SharePoint mini calendar helps you achieve optimal time frame management through its built-in set of list like events, tasks, announcements plus a lot more options. Using the feature allows you to easily and quite fast attach a tiny calendar view. The essence of the SharePoint mini calendar is the vast ability to help you achieve optimal use of your time and meet your objectives through the use of tasks with time frames especially with the application.

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