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How To: Search Content Sources

Part 1 of 3 part SharePoint Search Customization series

SharePoint allows you to index (crawl) different content sources including:

Want to add a new content source to your search?

To add a new content source to your SharePoint server

  1. Open the Central Administration of the server and enter the relevant Shared Services.
  2. Open the Search Settings page and open the “Content sources and crawl schedules” link.
  3. Click the New Content Source button and enter all relevant data for the source you want to add to your search.
  4. Press OK.


You now have a new Content Source that will be crawled next time you run a Full or Incremental Crawl for it.

But what if you don't want to crawl all sites under this Content Source?

You can exclude a web address from the crawl using Crawl Rules.

  1. Enter the Crawl Rules in the “Search Settings” page and add new crawl rule.
  2. Type in the URL you want to exclude or include from the crawl.
  3. To check whether or not a URL will be crawled simply, type the URL in the URL text box on the Crawl rules page and click “Test”.

Coming next week:

Part 2 of the SharePoint Search Customization series: "Search Scopes & Contextual Search Scopes" where we will discuss defining different search scopes for your SharePoint search.

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