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KWizCom announces CRM SharePoint Connector version 2.2.00

Dynamics CRM and SharePoint no longer stand-alone entities!

KWizCom's CRM SharePoint Connector is an innovative add-on that bridges between Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, meshing their capabilities to enable highly efficient business management.

Toronto, Canada – February 4, 2009

This innovative add-on revolutionizes the functionality of SharePoint and CRM with a streamlined workflow that utilizes the information inherent in the separate tools.

KWizCom's CRM-SharePoint Connector enables users to implement SharePoint's document management capabilities on information existing in any CRM entity for example: Accounts, Leads, Products etc.

KWizCom's CRM-SharePoint Connector grants CRM users the ability to create document libraries and folders, save documents connected to any CRM entity, search for documents, share documents with users who are NOT CRM users (and do not have CRM client license).

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales & Marketing elaborates: "We created this add on to conform to the good business practice rule that says – minimize expense, maximize capabilities.

Many organizations utilize CRM's to manage their customer information. Many harness the unmatched power of SharePoint for their document management needs. Till now each has worked in parallel. The CRM-SharePoint Connector provides a seamless bridge between the two, allowing them to share information for a more effective workflow, improved time management, higher productivity and better resource management.

Dynamics CRM and SharePoint require a large investment on initial purchase and further investment for day-to-day maintenance. Our CRM-SharePoint Connector maximizes the investment in both tools and grants additional useful capabilities that give added benefit to the enterprise."

Download and try - FREE of charge - KWizCom's CRM SharePoint Connector version 2.2.00: /dynamics-crm-add-ons/crm-sharepoint-connector/download/

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