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Aggregate SharePoint

Microsoft developed SharePoint to be a simpler and less expensive file serving solution to enable companies to share data within their networks. It is considered a collaborative work space for departments within a business to create their own data flow and have it communicate with other departments who need the same information and update it as the work is in process. This also developed the need to for companies like KWizCom to create software that acts as connectors to aggregate SharePoint sites into a singular view. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft launched this new server program to integrate with the 2007 Microsoft Office system. This was to provide enhanced capabilities over the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services including shared enterprise and publishing capabilities. At the same time, this has locked businesses into a 2007 Office environment adding further complexities and data points to aggregate SharePoint components.

Intended for use as a single, integrated location for users to work and share data efficiently with each other, KWizCom has created connector solutions to aggregate SharePoint sites developed by office users for their own custom needs and were still in need of establishing a smooth data flow. For example, KWizcom's Calendar Web Part - Calendar Plus version 2 allows all personal and shared scheduling information to aggregate SharePoint sites into a single calendar view. MSO SharePoint Server 2007 Capabilities The new SharePoint Server has strong capabilities and has provided headache relief for large companies like General Mills, which has strong Microsoft trained developers in its IT team, to help implement the sharing capabilities into a true aggregate SharePoint functionality. The features are as follows: 1. Collaboration: effective team collaboration and publication of documents, task lists, workflows, and sharing through social media forms such as wikis and blogs 2. Portals: personalized portals to share user profiles 3. Enterprise Search: locate people, their expertise, and business application content. Depending on the resources searched, this function may require additional software to aggregate SharePoint sites 4. Enterprise Content Management: creation and management of all documents, and records, including Web content 5. Business Processes and Forms: automated forms and workflows 6. Business Intelligence: functionality to share important business information for analysis and publish reports for decision making KWizCom Aggregate SharePoint Solutions KWizCom is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner that develops software to make your Microsoft systems work even better. Their SharePoint Tagging Features, List Chart Web Part software, List Forms Extensions Feature, Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type, and their List Aggregator are only a few of their excellent solutions to customize SharePoint to users' demands and the data to aggregate in SharePoint lists and libraries to a single-focused user friendly consolidated view.

KWizCom Aggregate SharePoint solutions can be bought and downloaded directly from their site, for immediate application to resolve your SharePoint difficulties. If you are unsure of which software to buy or how to best integrate your systems, contact KWizCom through their online Chat service for a best of breed solution.


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