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Media Web Part

Web Parts is a popular system of controls for creating Web sites developed by ASP.Net. ASP.Net Web Parts enables the Web site user to modify the page content, appearance, and behavior directly through a browser. Media Web Part allows the display of video files stored on SharePoint, YouTube, and streaming media. Web Parts has revolutionized the interactive online experience to become a totally custom driven experience and now with SharePoint Media Plus Web Part's release on December 8, 2008, enhanced web experiences have just risen to a whole new level. SharePoint Media Web Plus Part In today's world of multimedia games and online event participation, major corporations and high school students alike use YouTube and other video files to publish their message, train their staff, advertise their product, and just simply communicate. The recently launched KWizCom's Media Web Part allows the developer to heighten user experience, enhance the message, and make content more appealing, while retaining the attention of the audience for a more satisfying Web session.Media Web Part Features Web Part solutions offer the ability to extend the control set at need to provide even greater control over the environment such as developing a custom Web Parts catalog that gives users more flexibility in choosing controls for a page. Media Web Parts provide similar features for media customization of Web pages. Not only does it display video files stored in Sharepoint Libraries, it supports any format compatible with Windows Media Player including AVI, MP4, and MPEG.

Of course, Media Web Plus Part is designed to link to your YouTube videos and any other streaming media multimedia source. The user can choose single file or playlist modes, resizes the player to enhance the design of the Web site, has a random video file feature for loading, auto-play and the ability to hide the player window and the playlist. Very importantly, KWizCom's Media Web Plus Part supports IE and Mozilla Firefox. AVI/WMV files require the Media Player 11 plug-in. Easy to Install Media Web Part was created to be easy to install. However, some companies' client PCs may not be able to view certain file types. This is easily solved by going to and installing the correct Video codec files for free. To manage the permissions for the displayed file, simply set them with the standard SharePoint permissions at the library level or specifically in the file level. Give Media Web Part a Try KWizCom knows how timely and desirable their SharePoint Media Plus Web Part solution is and have resolved any need for the debate of its worth or need to review expert commentary. You can go now and download it for free from their Web site at on the products page. With 2 standard evaluations to choose from and documentation available for download, there is every reason to try Media Web Part today. It is recommended that you follow the detailed instructions available in the User Guide of any of KWizCom's components.



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