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Poll Web Part

One use for the poll web part is to help users decide how to proceed next. Perhaps there are several document revisions that have been done and it's unclear which one is the best. With poll web part you can create a poll and let everyone vote on it. You can also create polls to find out who's looking at documents, how they are being used and how they can be improved.

There are three main types of polls that you can create with poll web part. One option is a drop down poll. With this choice, you will create a question and have numerous answers. Those who are voting can then click on the drop down to see the various options available. They'll then consider those options, highlight the one from the drop down that best answers the question, as they see it. Then they simply hit submit.

Another option are for radio buttons. These buttons are round buttons that can be selected. With this option, you can only choose one of the options that is best. It works for situations where there are numerous possible answers but you're only looking for one choice. The person taking the poll simply clicks the radio box next to the answer they'd like to choose. They then hit submit to put their answer through and it is added to the poll.

The third option is check boxes. This option is different than the radio or drop down menu because the user is able to select several options. This works best when you're looking for numerous answers to the same question. For example, you could ask which documents users think should be tagged with a particular tag. Instead of only being able to choose one, they can choose several from the list that they think will work best.

Setting up and using poll web part in SharePoint is simple. There are very easy directions to follow that people of all levels of technological savvy will be able to follow. This is helpful, as many similar programs are so difficult to use that only the most highly trained individuals will be able to use it. For more information on poll web part please visit

No matter why you need a poll, there's likely to be an option on poll web part in SharePoint that will meet your needs. With three options, radio boxes, check boxes and drop down, you have the flexibility to create a unique poll based on your unique needs that will yield the results you need. Instead of having time consuming meetings or teleconferences to decide how to proceed, having a simple poll that everyone can answer at their convenience will save time and money.


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