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Rollup Web Part

The Rollup Web Part is a tool that aggregates multiple SharePoint items from various different places, and brings them together into one streaming live data view. From here, you can then filter and sort information based on specified criteria as you choose. You can also compile multiple lists, view each list separately, or filter the lists appropriately to find the information you are looking for.

With the Rollup Web Part, you can increase the flexibility of SharePoint's ability to create various different sites and workspaces. Having one central control point over every workspace can make it a snap for you to manage all of your company's documents that are create by your employees. SharePoint becomes more efficient when used in conjunction with the Rollup Web Part.

The Rollup Web Part connections are configured in a manner that builds connections between the entire SharePoint environment. This displays the available data for the employees who need to use it, and allows them to copy, edit, and manage everything within the entire Rollup Web Part. The data that is retrieved can also be copied, resorted, or grouped if your employees find it necessary, in a variety of ways, to make it easier for them to find the data that they need quickly.

The Rollup Web Part used in connection with SharePoint can help you track the documents in your system as well. Whenever an employee makes a change to a document already in the system, it is permanently tracked. You can see how much time a user spent on one document, and who the last person to edit it was. You can also track when employees create, delete, and purge documents, which puts an end to the confusion on who made a mistake, or who purposely deleted something that should have been saved.

With the Rollup Web Part, you can also create forums that allow your employees to connect with each other, and have discussions in real time on what they need to get done. Similar to the way a telephone works, the Rollup Web Part forum can connect as many or a little employees as necessary, and allows them to exchange data the same way a chat room works, but saves the conversations and allows an unlimited number of employees to participate. The restraints of e-mail and voicemail are no longer an issue, and you can monitor the entire forum from your own computer, wherever you are.

SharePoint is incredibly powerful in and of itself, but with the integration of the Rollup Web Part, it becomes increasingly powerful. Users can connect to SharePoint from virtually anywhere with the proper tools, and can work in real time on documents stored within the SharePoint system. The Rollup Web Part makes it possible for employees to be located all over the world, but work together as if they were in the same room. Distance can never get in the way of an important project ever again, and you can check on your employees' performance any time of day, wherever you may be.

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