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Sharepoint 2007 Wiki

The term "WIKI" came from the Hawaiian word "wik" which means quick or very fast. The Wiki concept has been around for more than ten years now. SharePoint 2007 Wiki is an online destination or server where users or team members can freely create or edit web page contents.

The SharePoint 2007 Wiki goal is to provide a place where a team or members of a virtual population can change or edit any page with the liberty to upload, modify, or delete content. By content we mean anything and everything created by previous authors and members of that specific virtual community. SharePoint 2007 Wiki enables further collaboration unlike a blog, which is intended solely for communication.

Next generation online tools have been getting a great deal of attention lately. The purpose of which is to make the total online experience easier for normal people who do not have an elaborate background with programming so that difficulties of content creation will be lessened. These fantastic tools empower users to be consumers and creators of online information, both at the same time. SharePoint 2007 Wiki is one of the unbelievably easy tools that makes collaboration as easy as it has never have been before.

Microsoft paved the way for this next-generation capacity when they launched Microsoft® Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, which is the 3rd version of the widely used SharePoint tools. MOSS 2007 offers more collaboration freedom and communication features. The newest features supported are for the creation of blogs and Wikis. SharePoint 2007 WIKI is a new feature in free WSS V.3. SharePoint 2007 Wiki is a part of Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration/version management software. This feature lets members of a team communicate, collaborate, and quickly work on projects. Members of the team can always help by contributing useful information to the project by uploading information, editing another member's work, etc. It is like having your whole team present in one room, when they can be anywhere around the globe using this SharePoint 2007 WIKI feature. SharePoint 20027 Wiki is designed for the shared rights or ownership of a community by its users. Wikis are edited by numerous people over time, and are thought of as a continuous work in progress. These are the specific functions: " Edit Wiki pages " Edit Wiki's links or the Wikis' display text " View pages of Wikis " Browse through Wikis pages for editing " Delete Wiki pages " Leave messages for members of the community SharePoint 2007 Wiki users need permission to delete, edit, or to contribute to a Wiki. The level of access of information can be managed. SharePoint 2007 Wiki is intended to encourage creative interaction of opinions and ideas in a setting where all users have the freedom of voicing out belief and judgment. It is more than content collaboration. It is not just a document or a chapter, it is a book with endless number of chapter and is never finished, that can be edited anytime that alterations are needed.

There are numerous free online tutorials to learn how to use SharePoint 2007 WIKI. First time SharePoint Wiki users can find plenty of online guidance via the Internet. You can visit for more information on having your own team or community get started with contribution and collaboration today.

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