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Sharepoint Cascading

Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheets, otherwise known as CSS, give you control over the presentation and layout of your web pages. Using Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheets, you can easily position items and set the look of information on your web page. A Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet can be external, internal, or inline. Web pages can use one or more of these types of Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheets all at the same time. A Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet that is defined in an inline CSS is prioritized over those in an internal or external CSS Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet in an internal CSS are in turn prioritized over styles in an external CSS. Here is analogy of cookies and Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet so that you may be able to understand it in layman's terms: Making cookies is somewhat similar to designing a website.

You start with raw materials with both cookie making and web designing. The cookie dough is like your unformatted text. You then mold the dough into different shapes - meaning you format the text into different fonts, color, sizes, etc. Without the use of a ready made Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet, it would be like making cookie without a cookie cutter. You would have to spend several hours painstakingly cutting shapes out of cookie dough with a knife, instead of conveniently getting the desired shapes with the use of a cookie cutter. Look at web pages that use Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet and pages that are in plain html, and you would notice that using Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet cuts down the code by hundreds of characters. Imagine the difference in code numbers if it was for a whole website instead of just one page. Would you rather be using Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet like a cookie cutter, or do you want to waste more time and effort in starting from scratch every time you design a webpage?

That's not all! There are several more benefits of using style sheets that make them almost better than a freshly-baked cookie. SharePoint Cascading Style sheets give you more options. With Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet, you can control how text is formatted on a pixel level. You will have full control over size, color, letter spacing and word-spacing. Numerous effects like highlighting, dotted underlines, etc, are readily available. Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet allows you to control of font formatting, table borders, cell colors, margins and practically everything on the webpage or your entire website. Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet saves you time. Without the use of Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet, you' would have to go into each page and manually configure fonts on each page. With Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet, everything can be centralized.

You can alter the Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet, and all the pages on your website will be automatically updated. Sharepoint Cascading Style Sheet organizes the codes. A page with cleaner and organized codes means that is will be more accessible to people using older browsers.


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