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Sharepoint Lookup

One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint lookup is that sharing permission can be controlled by any of the users. Other programs require that there be one or two admins who have access to this control. When one of them isn't around, it can severely break down the work flow as employees are forced to wait for them to return. However, when any user can control this, it can speed up the work flow dramatically. Of course it can be set to only allow one person to give permission as well, but the option for any user to control this is a huge asset.

SharePoint lookup also supports document versions. With many other programs, they are unable to differentiate in this way. You'll have to save each file as a different name, despite the fact that they are actually just different versions of the same document. With SharePoint, however, you can upload and download different versions of the same document. The program will know they are different versions and will sort and group the appropriately.

No matter what your business type or model is, you want you and your employees to be as efficient as possible. SharePoint lookup has been proven to be faster than similar types of programs. When you're transferring files on the WAN, you aren't likely to find a faster program than this. The faster you can download and upload files, the faster you can get to work and the faster the people you're sending files to will be able to begin working on them. While you might not think that a minute or two here or there really matters, over the course of a week that time can really add up.

One of the hugest advantages of SharePoint lookup over other similar programs is the fact that you can set your program to receive alerts when certain events have happened. For example, you can get an alert when a new document has been uploaded. You can get an alert when a document has been revised. This prevents wasting time checking the system every 15 minutes only to see that nothing has changed. Instead you get a convenient alert that will keep you up to date on the status of your files.

Using a program like SharePoint lookup will save your company time and energy. When you save time, you're saving money. There are other similar products on the market but they can't stand up to the advantages that SharePoint lookup brings. With many users able to grand permission for sharing, document revisions being support and faster transfer times, it's hard to think of a reason not to choose SharePoint lookup. The alerts are a special feature as well that make this program a must for business who frequently share data.


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