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Tag Sharepoint

The way Tag SharePoint works is simply. A user can find a document, part of a document or a website that they find compelling or relative to their work. They're then able to add a 'tag' to it. What this means is that they'll click a button and type in a word that signifies what they find compelling about what they're looking at. In the future, when they want to look, for example, for all documents pertaining to cheese, they would click on the cheese tag and all documents they'd tagged as cheese would come up.

Not only can the user who does the tagging themselves take advantage of the Tag SharePoint, everyone who is sharing with them will have these tags too. So when one employee creates a document and uploads it, they can tag it themselves with certain words. The people who are sharing with that employee can take a look at the tags to find out if it applies to them.

One of the most common uses of the Tag SharePoint tags is tagging documents with certain accounts or business partner names. In the past, people used physical filing cabinets for their files and cross-referencing them was difficult. Now that virtually everything can be done without paper, we have a unique ability to cross reference things. If one document doesn't just apply to one client but several, you no longer have to choose one to file it with. Instead, you'll simply tag it with all the applicable clients names.

When you're using the Tag SharePoint function there are several ways you can view the tags. One option is called the tag cloud. This is like a pool where all of your tags are shown. The tags that have more uses appear larger than the tags that have fewer. This allows you to quickly see what the most used tags are which can help you allot company resources and quickly spot the tags you need. You can also view them by filters. Which means if you want to see accounting tags along with a certain client, you can choose to only have those one shown.

In this day and age it's important to keep up with other businesses by using the latest technology. Anything you can do to keep your business more organized and efficient is bound to help your bottom line. Tag SharePoint is an excellent function of SharePoint that will make your employees lives easier, as they're able to tag one document with several tags. This allows them to cross reference clients with needs and anything else they need. Going paperless saves time, money and trees - but if you can't stay organized it's not worth. Thanking Tag SharePoint functions can keep you organized with ease.


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