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SharePoint Survey Plus version 2.1.00 - new release by KWizCom

KWizCom's latest release of Survey Plus version 2.1.00 brings organizations new, revenue saving benefits.

Toronto, Canada – April 29, 2009

KWizCom's latest add-on for SharePoint, Survey Plus version 2.1.00, brings new benefits to businesses. KWizCom's add on enhances out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities, granting organizations the ability to extract the information they need from their target audience in an appealing, user friendly, convenient manner.

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales and Marketing elaborates: "Being able to extract accurate information from your client base is priceless. Understand your audience and you will know how to sell to them. Learn the specifics of their wants and desires and you will be able to provide your customers with what they want. Do that and they will provide you with what you want – greater revenue!"

Survey Plus enables administrators to custom tailor their surveys including defining which questions appear on which page and enabling the targeting of specific questions to specific users.

"Quiz" mode solves a problem that prevented participants from completing the questionnaire they were answering – time constraints.

Businesses often lose potential information simply because the tool they were using was not convenient for their audience. The functionality of Survey Plus prevents this pit-fall.

When a user is forced to start over they are more than likely to simply quit – resulting in loss of information for the organization that produced the questionnaire and ultimately, loss of future revenue.  In "quiz" mode users can save their questionnaire, go back and complete it at a later, more convenient time. Users can navigate back and forth between questions, answering in the order they desire.

KWizCom's Survey Plus is easy to implement and easy to use. Most importantly, this simple application can prevent loss of information which can be translated directly into loss of future sales.


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