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KWizCom brings Project Management capabilities to SharePoint

KWizCom has created a suite of project management SharePoint add-ons, giving users expanded capabilities and usability not included in out-of-the box SharePoint, enabling actual, practical project management.

Toronto, Canada – July 16th, 2009

KWizCom has created a set of SharePoint add-ons that bringing advanced functionality to team workspaces, expanding out of the box SharePoint capabilities and adding usability that SharePoint integrators previously felt missing .

Now project managers can effectively utilize the benefits of SharePoint and successfully manage the collaboration of team members on the joint workspace. In other words, KWizCom has made it possible to not just share work via the team workspace but to manage the work as well.

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales and Marketing elaborates: "The need for some of the tools we included in our Project Management Bundle arose very close to home. Some of my own employees asked me how to implement certain functionality they needed to manage their work and once they discovered that out of the box SharePoint did not answer their needs pleaded with me to set the ball rolling and create the needed tools. How could I resist the request to give my own workers the tools to better manage their tasks, stick to deadlines and avoid mistakes? So… we developed away! One example of this is the SharePoint Notification Feature a nifty feature that enables time-based reminders on SharePoint items.  It's a small addition to the SharePoint super-structure but it is a crucial tool for anyone managing tasks and deadlines"

KWizCom has thoughtfully packaged together their set of project management solutions, creating a unique "bundle" or toolkit. KWizCom bundles give users the opportunity to conveniently purchase the tools needed for the specific niche at hand – in this case SharePoint Project Management – at a significant discount.

KWizCom's Project Management Bundle consists of a Project Management Workspace Template and a set of additional add-ons that enable management via the template including managing risks, preventing human error and tracking project related correspondence.

Please visit KWizCom's Project Management Bundle webpage for more information.

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