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New KWizCom-Matan Alliance brings sophisticated EPM tools to the business community

Matan and KWizCom have formed a new Alliance, combining their SharePoint and EPM expertise to bring the business community innovative, cost saving, effective project management tools.

Toronto, Canada – August 3rd 2009

KWizCom Corporation and Matan Consulting Group, each a powerhouse in their own field, are pleased to announce that they have now united to create the KWizCom-Matan Alliance.

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales & Marketing explains: "The Alliance enables us to harness the expertise born in the separate organizations and collaborate on bringing a suite of unique and innovative Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tools to organizations already drawing on the powerful infrastructure of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server."

The KWizCom-Matan Alliance is now launching the first set of EPM products from the suite of tools they are planning to release. The Alliance products are add-ons that integrate fully with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server. The products are geared towards expanding the capabilities of the Microsoft tools and giving users the functionality they need to better manage their projects and attain business goals.

Amir Rosenfeld, Software Development Manager at Matan says: "We are really excited about releasing these products to the market. We have collaborated with KWizCom to create unique tools that greatly enhance project management capabilities and assist executives to see the big picture on what is going on in their organization."

Project One Shot, Project BizCard and the Project Probability Impact Matrix are just a few of the tools the KWizCom-Matan Alliance is making available for project managers and executives. Each product deals with a different aspect of project management. All assist project managers and executives to manage better, avoid errors and produce winning projects.

Users can download and try the KWizCom-Matan Alliance products, free of charge, for a time-limited period from the KWizCom website. An EPM bundle that packages together (at a significantly discounted price) a number of useful project management tools is available on the KWizCom website as well.

Matan's Software Development Manager, Amir Rosenfeld summarizes: "We look forward to seeing KWizCom Matan Alliance products permeate the market. We are now at the beginning stages but it is already obvious that once project managers and executives realize the benefits of our EPM products they will catch on like wildfire." 



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