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KWizCom is going to the SharePoint Las Vegas Conference October 19-22, 2009

We’ll be waiting for you in Vegas!

This conference promises to be one of the most exciting in recent years. Microsoft will be unveiling SharePoint 2010 and KWizCom will be launching SP 2010 compatible components!


You are invited to attend KWizCom’s keynote session:

Nimrod Geva and Shai Petel will present KWizCom’s business and technical roadmap and how they relate to SharePoint 2010.

KWizCom’s Product Group Manager - Nimrod Geva, will present KWizCom’s add-on based cost effective solution concept, and KWizCom’s add-on roadmap for SharePoint 2010.

KWizCom’s VP R&D - Shai Petel, will present a technical review of how KWizCom has prepared its add-ons for the upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and a step-by-step guideline for upgrading your custom developments to SharePoint 2010.

Read the press release: KWizCom solutions ready for SharePoint 2010


KWizCom will be at booth 700

Come join us on the fast track to productivity at booth 700!

Want to know how KWizCom can enhance your productivity and increase your profits?  We will be at the booth throughout the conference to answer your questions.

We’ve planned a good time for all our guests. Our professional team has spiced up their time at the booth with fun and games, including great prizes.  Come by and join the fun!

To schedule a meeting please contact:

We are here for you!




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