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KWizCom Professional Services – Challenge us!

Companies that purchase KWizCom products receive extensive pre and post-sales support.

Some organizations have requirements that go beyond off-the-shelf modules and are looking for expertise in fulfilling a custom turnkey solution, comprehensive upgrades or smooth migration. To meet those needs, we have established KWizCom Professional Services, staffed by experts who will help you assess your technological needs, provide onsite deployment, best practices, and integration services.

KWizCom Professional Services is comprised of two core offerings (detailed below). Each is a highly effective, complete offering and each is designed to complement the other. Companies using our combined services benefit from the program’s efficiency and synergy.

KWizCom Professional Services can also guide you to other KWizCom resources, such as KWizCom support programs that can help maximize the ROI on your solution.

KWizCom Comprehensive Deployment

Need to build a SharePoint environment to take your web workflow to the next level or integrate SharePoint, Project Server and Dynamic CRM solutions into your heterogeneous computing infrastructure? Or bring your Microsoft environment up to date with the latest features powered by KWizCom components? The KWizCom Deployment Team can help you deploy these business-critical tasks and ensure you maximize your technological investment at every step of the process.

The KWizCom Deployment Team is comprised of highly skilled, expert engineers. These seasoned professionals provide onsite consulting for large-scale deployments or can help with smaller complex tasks — whether you need a presales assessment, a migration or integration plan, or hands-on configuration of SharePoint, Project Server and Dynamic CRM systems. The KWizCom Deployment Team can also build custom solutions to meet the specialized needs of your network and organization.

The KWizCom Deployment Team offers total onsite assessments. Based on your objectives, they’ll audit your working environment and deliver recommendations for your specific project and solution. At that point, you can choose to engage the KWizCom Deployment Team for further assistance.

Management Services, Project Management, and Custom Services

KWizCom provides customized solutions and services for organizations seeking to deploy SharePoint, Project Server and Dynamic CRM and integrate it with their existing infrastructure. Our broad knowledge base of best practices garnered over hundreds of successful deployments will allow delivery of on-time and on-budget solutions.

Our client base of over 3000 organizations gains access to KWizCom technical expertise and domain knowledge, spanning a wide range of modules types and industries. Our consultants have open access to the research and development teams developing the core technologies we build upon, as well as access to a large pool of partners. With KWizCom professional Services you will get the expertise you need through all stages of a project, including:

Clients will also benefit from our leading-edge technologies and standards that ensure the highest level of performance, flexibility, and compatibility.

KWizCom Professional Services – Challenge us!

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