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Upgrading SLFE from 2007 to 2010

KWizCom's Shai Petel discusses upgrading to SharePoint 2010, using his experience of upgrading KWizCom's SharePoint List Forms Extension Feature to SharePoint 2010 as an example.

Las Vegas, Nevada - October 20, 2009 

This morning KWizCom’s VP R&D, Shai Petel, hosted an extremely well received session at Microsoft’s SharePoint 2009 conference in Vegas.

The session covered three topics: building a new solution, upgrading an existing solution and version management.  Rather than speak about theory, Shai’s presentation gave attendees a first hand perspective, based on an actual migration he did himself.  

KWizCom, a world renowned developer of add-ons for Microsoft SharePoint, Project Server and Dynamics CRM has already begun preparing their components for the upgrade to SharePoint 2010. Microsoft’s product launch at the Las Vegas conference seemed like the perfect time to inform customers how to make the transition to SP 2010 easy, using the example of upgrading KWizCom's List Forms Extension Feature from 2007 to 2010.

KWizCom's popular component SLEF is already SP 2010 ready. Other KWizCom components will be upgraded per the corporate development schedule (each new version released to the public will be SP 2010 ready).

Shai Petel reports: “The upgrade to SharePoint 2010 is very exciting but it is also causing concern for customers. At KWizCom we are focusing on helping customers make their transition to SP 2010 smooth and easy.  That is why I chose to focus my session on showing how customers can migrate existing solutions into the new environment and reduce the migration process time to minimum. The idea was to enable attendees to make better decisions for their current 2007 solutions that will, in turn, make the transition to 2010 easy and simple.

KWizCom has made the SPC ’09 session available here.

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