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SharePoint Goes Mobile

SharePoint Goes Mobile

Download this KwizCom White Paper: Do I really need my entire SharePoint portal squeezed into my smart phone in order to become more productive?

With SharePoint 2007, and now in SharePoint 2010,
Microsoft offers its mobile users a SharePoint mobile view.

Basically, these provide mobile users access to the same
information as is available through the SharePoint web interface,
but with the limitations imposed by the mobile phone
screen size, connection bandwidth and browser capabilities.

Some vendors provide an enhanced UI with improved rendering
of the SharePoint view for smart phones. However, they are
delivering virtually the same concept as SharePoint
out-of-the-box: provide the user with the same information
in much the same way as provided by SharePoint's web interface.

Some key questions we hope to answer here:

  1. Are the needs of a mobile users, while on the road the same as their needs while working at the office?

  2. Or are there specific and common tasks that we can provide our mobile users with on their smart phones that will make their mobile SharePoint experience less frustrating and more efficient?

  3. Can we integrate and make optimal use of both the SharePoint and the mobile platforms?

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Also: you can download the trial version of KWizCom's Forms Bundle or Mobility Bundle, and receive a free copy of our AT&T certified Mobile Extensions. Now also available for SharePoint 2010!

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