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Continental Airlines flies high with KWizCom

Continental Airlines

Case Study: Continental Airlines Augments SharePoint Out of the Box to Enable Greater Collaboration and to Save Valuable Development Time 

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Continental Airlines faced challenges mostly around limitations of SharePoint out-of-the-box to meet company requirements, starting with the Wiki functionality that could not meet the demand.
Continental Airlines also manages large document reference libraries the company- a challenge with MOSS out-of-the-box. Users needed to be able to browse these libraries more effectively. Keyword searches were not providing a comprehensive view of related documents.
Lastly, they needed to create quick, on-the-fly forms while minimizing the development resources required to publish these. On average, once they had clear requirements, it would take about a person-day to build, test and publish an average form. With such a large user group, this was applying a significant demand relative to the SharePoint development resources.
Continental Airlines' Steve Stewart is a Senior Information Technology Specialist, on the team responsible for development of the airline's SharePoint environment, which supports 4,000 users at the company's headquarters in Houston, Texas, and 140 airports worldwide.  Steve took advantage of KWizCom's free trials, and test-drove the KWizCom WikiPlus, Cascading Look-Ups and List Form Extensions. He found that these delivered the functionality Continental Airlines was looking for to augment its SharePoint out-of-the-box.

"The bottom line is that these tools provide time savings to our SharePoint Development group which equals dollars saved for Continental . . . we have more time to focus on the big picture, and that is truly value added."

 Steve Stewart,  Senior Information Technology Specialist, Continental Airlines

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