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KWizCom Bundles at 30% OFF of the individual add-ons cost!

We have bundled custom toolkits for your SharePoint needs at a discounted rate.

In a single bundle we have packaged together KWizCom add-ons that answer the typical needs that arise for SharePoint implementers and administrators.


Featured Bundles include:

  Information Management Utilities for SharePoint (iMUSH) - Convert your list items/documents to PDF, print, scan, as well as bulk zip and download/send information - all in a single click!
  WEB 2.0 Bundle - Upgrade SharePoint to the world of Web 2.0. Your users will be empowered not only to access information, but to tag, rate, comment and discuss it as well.
SharePoint Data Visualization Tools Bundle - All the tools you require to better display, highlight & analyze your data!
  Enhanced SharePoint List Bundle - Transform your SharePoint lists into powerful web forms. Give them expanded capabilities, usability and functionality to enhance your productivity.
  Collaboration Plus Bundle - This is a toolkit of ultimate collaboration solutions for your shared workspace. Enhance your collaborative workspace and provide your users with advanced capabilities to achieve maximum results.
  Web Content Management (WCM) Bundle - Give your SharePoint Internet website a rich interface with the enhanced capabilities of a sophisticated website.
  WSS/Foundation Productivity Bundle - Don't have a SharePoint Server? Only running Windows SharePoint Services/Foundation and wish you had some of the missing functionality? With the WSS/Foundation Productivity Bundle you now can have the capabilities of SharePoint server without the expense!
  Project Management Bundle - This bundle includes the tools you need to create productive project workspaces as well as project management portals used by PMO's to easily monitor each project's progress and risks.


Want to build your own bundle?

You can customize a package of products to answer your specific needs.

Send an email to: and we'll help you create the best bundle for you!

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