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KWizCom Ultimate Package (FTC)

 In a single bundle you get – The components you need to deploy winning projects from your Project Management Portal at 30% off the cost of the individual solutions!

The ultimate toolkit with the highest level of service

This extensive toolkit of ground-breaking SharePoint solutions and huge savings fulfills the business needs that are unsolved by out-of-the-box SharePoint deployment. When you obtain this package you get ALL KWizCom add-ons in 1 single bundle PLUS the exceptional benefits below!

  • Any new KWizCom products that will be released in 2018
    That's right! Buy now and in addition get all the new add-ons (FTC) that will be released this year!

  • The Highest Level Of Service
    The Advanced Support Program SLA provides you with a fast access to our 2nd-tier and development teams to best support your organization's maintenance windows!
  • Up to 10 hours FREE training
    Enabling you to quickly start creating your advanced solutions with zero-development involved!

Whether you would like to enhance your collaborative workspace, create dynamic forms, automate your business processes or make your SharePoint environment much better in countless other ways, we have got you covered! Our 50+ SharePoint native, code-free, robust solutions will meet and exceed even your most demanding business requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Boost your company’s productivity while saving money and time!

  • This package is ideal for clients that require the highest level of support, while minimizing risks and radically reducing costs of developing custom solution for their SharePoint environment
  • It also provides ease and security of having solutions that are synchronized with SharePoint infrastructure changes, as well as address any new gaps that may appear on subsequent SharePoint versions or upgrades
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