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 In a single bundle you get &ndash The power of web-form functionality in your SharePoint Lists at 30% off the cost of the individual solutions!

Enhanced SharePoint List Bundle

KWizCom list features bundle dramatically upgrades your SharePoint list capabilities, giving you advanced functionality without having to develop and implement expensive customizations.

Cascading fields, cross site dual lookup fields, list aggregation (roll-up), list field validations, improved list filtering and list forms field-level security… these KWizCom tools will transform your SharePoint list forms into powerful web forms, capable of implementing advanced form-based applications, enhancing usability and productivity for your users.

Better. Smarter. Definitive – at 30% less!

What's included in this bundle

  What you get What it does List price 30% Bundle discount Bundle price
KWizCom Forms Pro. Bridges the gap between the SharePoint list forms you are familiar with (New/Edit/View forms) and standard form features, such as field-level security, field validation rules and more. $2,310 -$693 $1,617
SharePoint List Filter Plus Advanced, user friendly lists filtering - filter your list by multiple fields. $666 -$199 $466
SharePoint Remote List Viewer Display and use lists from other remote SharePoint sites inside your SharePoint site. $908 -$272 $635
SharePoint Cascading Filtered Lookup Plus Field Type 2-way lookup field, enabling you to implement advanced, DB-like solutions in SharePoint:
  • Connect lists located in different sites
  • Enable filtering lookup field's content by views
  • Cascading fields functionality (filtering a field by another field)
  • Support lists with large amount of items by enabling search for an item
$967 -$290 $676
SharePoint List Aggregator Std. Aggregate any type of content from various sites, display in a clear consolidated view. $908 -$272 $636
KPI field type Easily visualize your goals, progress and status! $1033 -$310 $723
Total: $6,792 You save


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  Single Server License: SharePoint Enhanced List Bundle 
SharePoint Enhanced List Bundle + Standard Support ESLB+std $4,753 1-time
Development license for Enhanced SharePoint List Bundle DEV(ESLB) $1,188 Annual
Annual support renewal for Enhanced SharePoint List Bundle STD(ESLB) $1,188 Annual

The add-ons are licensed per- WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license.

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