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Information Management Utilities for SharePoint (iMUSH)


information management utilities for SharePoint


Cross-browser and Cross-operating system!! – at 30% less!


What's included in this bundle

  What you get What it does List price 30% Bundle discount Bundle price
Scanning Feature
Easily scan papers into single or  multiple documents,
define property-values and upload the scanned documents –
all in a single click!
$735 -$221 $514
Printing Feature Automatically produce printable PDF documents from your
SharePoint lists, documents and attachments. 
$1,320 -$396 $924
File Bulk Zip Feature All the missing bulk operations with documents are now available:
Downloading, zipping, sending - now you can manage
multiple files in a single click!
$735 -$221 $514
Total: $2,790 You save

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  Single Server License: Information Management Utilities for SharePoint (iMUSH) 
iMUSH package + Standard Support iMUSH+std $1,953 1-time

Development license for iMUSH Package

DEV(iMUSH) $488 Annual
Annual support renewal for iMUSH Package
STD(iMUSH) $488 Annual

The add-ons are licensed per- WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license.

* Development licenses are available only for customers ordering production licenses. For additional information please contact

For more pricing information please send mail to

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