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 In a single bundle you get – Everything you need to implement web forms with WSS/MOSS

SharePoint Forms Bundle

All you need to implement sophisticated, SharePoint-integrated
Form-based solutions for Web or Mobile clients,without any development costs!


There is a huge gap between the out-of-the-box SharePoint list forms capabilities, and real form capabilities needed by users.

Companies have no other option but to use additional expensive Form generators, and spend money on custom development and maintenance of these solutions.

KWizCom’s SharePoint Forms Bundle fills this gap by providing a complete toolkit that enables non-technical implementers to create sophisticated SharePoint form-based solutions, both for Web and Mobile users with no development costs!


More capabilities, more effective, more productive – at 30% less! 

  What you get What it does List price 30% Bundle discount Bundle price

SharePoint List Forms Extensions feature Turn SharePoint List forms into real, logic-enabled Web forms with field permissions, field validations, field groups , view permissions and more. $2,800 -$840 $1,960
SharePoint List Custom Actions feature Easily provide your users with custom-tailored menus for SharePoint lists and list items. $1,490 -$447 $1,043
SharePoint Cascading Filtered Lookup Plus Field Type

A “Super-lookup” field, that overcomes all SharePoint lookup limitations:

  • Cross-site lookups
  • Enable filtering lookup field's content by views
  • Cascading fields functionality (filtering a field by another field)
$967 -$290 $676
SharePoint Repeating Rows Field Type
The Repeating Rows field type enables simple creation of multi-row forms with just out-of-the-box list forms.
This product eliminates the need for a complex InfoPath or an expensive SharePoint Enterprise server implementation!
Multi-row forms can be easily created in any SharePoint edition, including SharePoint Foundation Server.

SharePoint Mobile Extensions Easily create custom-tailored SharePoint solutions for smartphones. $1,840 -$552 $1,288
Total: $8,187 You save


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  Single Server License: SharePoint Forms Bundle This product is licensed per-server - every front-end server requires a separate license
SharePoint Forms Bundle + Standard Support SFB+std $5,730 1-time
Development license for SharePoint Forms Bundle DEV(FMB) $1,031 Annual
Annual support renewal for SharePoint Forms Bundle STD(FMB) $1,031 Annual

The add-ons are licensed per- WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license.

* Development licenses are available only for customers ordering production licenses. For additional information please contact

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