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 In a single bundle you get – Everything you need to implement Custom mobile solutions with no development

SharePoint Mobility Bundle

Create custom SharePoint mobile solutions with zero development!


 No more scrolling through clumsy lists and unnecessary menus on the small screen of your mobile device. KWizCom's Mobility Bundle allows you to tailor each user's speicific experience so they only view content relevent to their role.

Regardless of the user's mobile operating system, Mobility Bundle translates SharePoint to adopt the device's user interface, so that SharePoint looks and feels like it's part of the device.

In just a few clicks, you can create a custom SharePoint mobile experience with zero development!

More capabilities, more effective, more productive –
at 30% less! 

  What you get What it does List price 30% Bundle discount Bundle price

SharePoint List Forms Extensions feature Turn SharePoint List forms into real, logic-enabled Web forms with field permissions, field validations, field groups , view permissions and more. $2,800 -$840 $1,960

SharePoint List Custom Actions feature Easily provide your users with custom-tailored menus for SharePoint lists and list items. $1,490 -$447 $1,043

SharePoint Mobile Extensions Easily create custom-tailored SharePoint solutions for smartphones. $1,840 -$552 $1,288
Total: $6,130 You save


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Simply download the bundle's products by using the links above. No registration required!


Want to build your own bundle?

You can customize a package of products to answer your specific needs.

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  Server License: SharePoint Mobility Bundle  
SharePoint Mobility Bundle + Standard Support
SHMB $4,290 1-time
Development license for SharePoint Mobility Bundle DEV(SHMB) $770 Annual
Annual support renewal for SharePoint Mobility Bundle STD(SHMB) $770 Annual

The add-ons are licensed per- WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license.

* Development licenses are available only for customers ordering production licenses. For additional information please contact

For more pricing information, volume discount and educational discount, please send mail to


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