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 In a single bundle you get – The components you need to deploy winning projects from your Project Management Portal at 30% off the cost of the individual solutions!

SharePoint Project Management Bundle

Put your projects on the fast track to excellence with KWizCom Project Management solutions!

Your project team members will enjoy enhanced collaboration capabilities.
Project management officers (PMO's) will benefit from more effective project monitoring capabilities and ultimately – more efficient and productive projects.

KWizCom solutions enable you to easily implement classical project workspaces and create portal capabilities including:

  • Easily implement a project dashboard with aggregated (roll-up) project issues and risks
  • Clearly display risks according to probability and impact
  • Display project events, aggregated from project workspaces, exchange shared calendars and personal Outlook calendars
  • Display different fields to different project stake-holders according to their permissions (field-level security)
  • Integrate with Risks, Issues, and Deliverables data coming from Microsoft Project Server
  • Display numeric data and trends using clear graphic charts
  • Get time-based reminders for upcoming/delayed tasks, deadlines, events, risk mitigations and more.
  • Easily convert meeting summaries into manageable tasks.


More efficient, more organized, more success – at 30% less!

What's included in this bundle

  What you get What it does List price 30% Bundle discount Bundle price
Risk Management Chart
Easily visualize, identify and manage your project's risks! $879
SharePoint List Aggregator Std. Aggregate any type of content from various project sites, display in a clear consolidated view. $908 -$272 $635
SharePoint Calendar Plus Manage a team calendar in every project workspace and an aggregated calendar in the Project Portal, displaying events from all project sites, shared Exchange calendars and personal Outlook calendars. $967 -$290 $676
KWizCom Forms Pro. Turn SharePoint List forms into real, logic-enabled web forms with field level permissions, field validations, field groups and more. $2,310 -$693 $1,617
SharePoint Notification Feature

Get time-based reminders for upcoming/delayed tasks, deadlines, events, risk mitigations and more.

$990 -$297 $693
SharePoint List Filter Plus Advanced, user friendly lists filtering - filter your list by multiple fields. $666 -$199 $466
SharePoint Cascading Filtered Lookup Plus Field Type

2-way lookup field, enabling you to implement advanced, DB-like solutions in SharePoint:

  • Connect lists located in different sites
  • Enable filtering lookup field's content by views
  • Cascading fields functionality (filtering a field by another field)
  • Support lists with large amount of items by enabling search for an item
$967 -$290 $676
Charts for SharePoint std. edition

Create charts easily; view your data in the style that best suits your needs!








Total: $8,186 You save

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  Single Server License: SharePoint Project Management Bundle This product is licensed per-server - every front-end server requires a separate license
SharePoint Project Management Bundle + Standard Support PMB+std $5,730 1-time
Development license for SharePoint Project Management Bundle DEV(PMB) $1,432 Annual
Annual support renewal for SharePoint Project Management Bundle STD(PMB) $1,432 Annual

The add-ons are licensed per- WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license.

* Development licenses are available only for customers ordering production licenses. For additional information please contact

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