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KWizCom Services: greater SharePoint efficiency for Tristar Products

Tristar Products

Case Study: With KWizCom Services, international marketing concern Tristar Products organizes reporting, reduces emails by half and enables efficient e-commerce updates

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Tristar Products Inc is an international infomercial market leader. Its business demands the management of multiple projects and the associated contracts simultaneously. In 2009, the company decided that these complexities could be better managed using a SharePoint platform. According to Adam Levy, Project Manager at Tristar, “KWizCom’s Professional Services have helped us come a long way in a relatively short period with our SharePoint. Everyone in the company in the uses it now, including customer service, sales, marketing. Primarily, we are now able to manage our contracts, which are the cornerstone of our business, in a far more efficient manner than ever before. Support for key processes is now on the SharePoint platform at Tristar. These include management of day-to-day tasks as well as the company’s many document libraries, reports and updates for product offers and pricing."

"With KWizCom’s help, we have been able to save a tremendous amount of our people's time, become more organized and productive, and of course be more responsive to our markets . . . We have begun with these baby steps and will continue to look to KWizCom for services, support and products as we grow and prosper."

 Adam Levy, Project Manager, Tristar Products Inc.

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