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Products Development Team: Senior SharePoint Developer (Canada)

Job Description:
The Senior SharePoint Developer will work as a part of the product development team of KWizCom R&D department. The team is in charge of all KWizCom SharePoint products development and maintenance. Each individual developer is assigned responsibility over several products and is responsible for the development and maintenance of these products, as well as participate in brain storming meetings and providing insight for technical requirements for these products.
The ideal candidate is an experienced, highly professional developer, skilled in client side development, JavaScript and TypeScript, highly motivated individual, and a quick learner. Advantage for candidates familiar with SharePoint. We are looking for someone who is looking for long term reliable place of employment.

Tasks include:
Work under pressure – the developer must be able to consistently meet release dates and project milestones
Developing alone and/or as a part of a team
Be innovative, contribute ideas for existing or new products

2 years’ experience developing complex client side solutions
Excellent knowledge of TypeScript, npm, gulp, JSON, RESTful services
Mastery of JavaScript
Experience working with source control solutions (Git, TFS, etc)
Good communication skills
Self-motivated. Ability to work alone within delivery dates / milestones and produce high quality results
Reliable (Work from home is an option)
Able to work alone as a sole developer on tight schedule
An advantage for candidates who have experience in planning designing and implementing solutions based on SharePoint technology
An advantage for candidates who have experience working with SPFx, Git, RESTful services, SharePoint CSOM

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Regional Sales Manager (UK)

Job Description:
The Regional Sales Manager (UK) is responsible of sales operations in UK. This role includes initiating and executing various sales campaigns, managing and attending events and webcasts, engaging customers and local SharePoint partners, demonstrating KWizCom products and managing sales leads.
The regional sales manager reports to KWizCom’s Sales & Marketing director.


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