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Corporate Profile

KWizCom Corporation – putting clients worldwide on the fast track to productivity!

KWizCom is a leading developer of innovative software components designed to expand Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server out-of-the-box capabilities, streamline workflow, maximize efficiency and enhance over-all productivity.

KWizCom solutions grant organizations the tools to realize their potential - attain corporate goals with greater ease and ultimately, increase revenue.

KWizCom products are designed to give customers maximum benefit at minimum cost including, partnering with customers under the Shared Cost Development Model to create custom tailored solutions at the half the expense.

The KWizCom team consists of dynamic and creative consumer oriented experts dedicated to developing effective and efficient solutions, providing exceptional service and building long lasting customer relationships and partnerships.

KWizCom, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, is a global company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

KWizCom has over 7000 customers worldwide and the list is growing daily.


KWizCom solutions put customers on the fast track to productivity, answering business needs unsolved by out of the box SharePoint, enabling rapid deployment at minimal cost.

KWizCom add-ons are multi-lingual by design and need no customization - all interface elements can be translated to any target language to answer global business demands.

Our product portfolio is comprised of a varied range of add-ons, web parts and bundled toolkits that leverage information across an organization and include solutions for:

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Partnering with KWizCom gives you access to a development team of IT technology experts and a myriad of opportunities to grow your business. Find out more about KWizCom's Shared Cost Development Model and about the advantages of the Partnership Program. Should you decide you'd like to become a KwizCom partner please contact us at


Our goal is to provide nothing less than outstanding service.

KWizCom's service model is structured to provide immediate, reliable customer support. Even customers that are not IT experts can feel confident in deploying KwizCom solutions as KWizCom's global network of experts is always standing by, waiting to provide a rapid response for each customer query.

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