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KWizCom Webinars

Join our R&D and support team engineers to learn about our products’  key features, advanced configuration and customization options, as well as on selected development subjects.
These webinars are given FREE of charge enabling you to make the best use of our products to achieve your business goals.

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Upcoming Webinars

Date & Time
Advanced Data View Plus Customizations Using Knockout DEV session

Join this DEV webinar on data retrieval & display customization using knockout!

Explore the different customization options of the highly-loved Data View Plus App!

What is Data View Plus App?
It is the ultimate Swiss-knife of data retrieval and display. By using this powerful app end-users can display what they need in the exact way they want in SharePoint Online! 

Moreover, Data View Plus App is one of our most customizable products as it supports higher levels of customization, from user-friendly designers to custom scripts written by your in-house developers.

During this webinar Shai Petel will demonstrate several examples of building new templates to display your data, apply custom-logic conditional formatting, as well as writing customized actions to tailor this web part to fully fit your needs.

Target audience: Developers
Target audience should be familiar with basic HTML and very basic JavaScript. Experience in KnockoutJS would be helpful as well. 

2pm EST

Building Advanced Forms Without Becoming a “Forms Expert"
Product Overview Session

Can business users create advanced forms in SharePoint Online in minutes? YES!!

You have to see it to believe it!

Join MVP Bijaya Kumar for a live webinar where he will demonstrate real life scenarios and show how non-technical business users can easily build dynamic and advanced forms in SharePoint Online without any technical skills required.

Target audience: Business Users, Project Managers, Power Users

11am EST
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