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KWizCom Webinars

Join our R&D and support team engineers to learn about our products’  key features, advanced configuration and customization options, as well as on selected development subjects.
These webinars are given FREE of charge enabling you to make the best use of our products to achieve your business goals.

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Upcoming Webinars

Date & Time
Implementing Advanced Multi-row Forms Product Training

In this session KWizCom's Product Group Manager, Nimrod Geva will demonstrate how to implement advanced multi-row forms by integrating various KWizCom add-ons, which are all part of KWizCom Forms Ent. edition:

- Repeating Rows Column - enables switching any SharePoint form into a multi-row form
- File Upload column - enables enforcing specific type/size of file that must be attached to a record
- Cascading Lookup column - enables connecting entities to implement a relational data model and filter field's content according to its master field's selected value.

Target Audience: SharePoint Implementers, Power Users

12:00 pm
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