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Datasheet view for SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 the Datasheet view was replaced with the new Quick Edit option which works now in all browsers (since it is no longer using ActiveX). However, the new Quick Edit mode does not support all the "Excel-like" features that many of the end users got used to in SharePoint 2010.

That's why we've created the "Datasheet view for SharePoint 2013":

After you install and deploy this add-on, you'll be able to bulk-edit your lists using the good old Datasheet view, in addition to the new Quick Edit mode.


To start using this add-on, you need to:

  1. Download the KWizCom Datasheet View for SharePoint 2013 zip file. The file contains a standard .WSP package.
  2. Install and deploy the pqckage on your SharePoint 2013 farm using standard tools (stsadm/Powershell).
  3. Activate the "KWizCom Datasheet View for SharePoint 2013" site feature, in the sites where you wish it to be available for end-users.
  4. Use the "Datasheet view" ribbon button same as you did in SharePoint 2010.


After you follow the above steps, when viewing a list and clicking the "List" ribbon, you will see the Datasheet view ribbon button located left to the Quick Edit button:

Datasheet view for SharePoint 2013




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