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Resource Translation Utility

The WSP & Source Code for this Utility is Now Available on GitHub

A utility that allows you to quickly translate .NET resource files. The resource translator was originally written as a utility that enabled customers to quickly translate any KWizCom add-on for SharePoint 2010/2013 to any required language. But the utility can be used to translate most .NET resource files. The resource translator makes use of Microsoft Translation Services available on the Windows Azure Marketplace.

KWizCom Resource Translator Dialog


To start using this utility, you need to:

1. Run it on a machine that has internet access.

2. Get an account on Windows Azure Marketplace (so you'll be able to use the Microsoft Translation Services)



  1. Download this Free utility and unzip the file on your PC/Server.
  2. Download the User Guide.
  3. Run the.msi installation file to install the utility.


Using the Translation utility

For detailed usage instruction, please Download the User Guide.


For any comments or request please contact us at

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