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.STP Language Converter

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SharePoint Site Template Language Converter utility enables you to convert a Site Template (.stp) file that was created in one language, to a site template in another language.

KWizCom SharePoint Template Language Converter


The new release supports both SharePoint (WSS/SPS) 2003 and SharePoint (WSS/MOSS) 2007.


Download Type Version Date Size(kb) Download
Freeware (32bit)
1.1.04  Apr-09-07 410 Download


After you download the .zip file:

1. Extract the ZIP file (using Windows or a zip program like WinZip)

2. Run the .MSI file to start the installation wizard (you can install on any PC with .NET framework installed).

3. Convert site templates by creating a template file (.STP), saving it locally and opening it with this utility.

4. After you have finished converting the template file, don't forget to upload it to the site template gallery where you need to use it.


That's it - Enjoy!

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