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KWizCom Touch TAP

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KWizCom Touch provides you with a SharePoint interface that was redesigned to fit your hand-held device. This responsive UI displays different layouts depending on what exact device you are using, so you will see the UI optimized to your device.
Menus, buttons, links and the entire user experience becomes much easier to use and faster to accomplish your tasks!

We invite you to participate in our mutually beneficial Technology Adoption Program (TAP) upon completion of which you will get a FREE KWizCom Touch license!


TAP Participant Benefits

  • Participants have the opportunity to affect the roadmap of the software by providing issue reports and suggesting improvements
  • Receive a FREE production license of KWizCom Touch upon completion of the program*


General Guidelines

  • The program runs between May 1 to June 25, 2015
  • Participants will receive PREVIEW versions of KWizCom Touch and will be asked to deploy these versions and test-drive them while using various devices
  • While testing the version, participants will be asked to report issues and suggest changes that may improve the product's functionality







*Participants can get 1 WFE license for on-premises OR 2 S.C. licenses for SharePoint online including standard support for 1 year. These licenses cannot be sold or resold.

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