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KWizCom Professional Services - Tailored to your specific needs!

KWizCom's professional services team provides complementary services to our off-the-shelf SharePoint add-ons.

These services include:

  • Customize an existing KWizCom product to your needs
    In case you would like to use one of our SharePoint add-ons, but need it to be customized to your company's requirements, our professional team can create a customized version for you, while using the existing product's resources to save development time.

  • Shared-Cost Development
    Are you planning on developing custom projects in your company?
    Take advantage of our Shared-Cost Development offering, and partner with us to develop your next custom project while saving over 50% of the costs and benefiting from a high product-quality delivery and support!

  • Training services
    We offer custom-tailored training plans that are designed to answer your team's exact needs.

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