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KWizCom Forms App (Office 365)
True SharePoint-native Forms solution for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and Online (Office 365)!
KWizCom Touch App (Office 365)
SharePoint collaboration, redefined for touch experience & hand held devices
Field Groups/Tabs App (Office 365)
Turn your SharePoint 2013/Online forms into great-looking, multi-tab forms in just a few minutes!
Repeating Rows App (Office 365)
Multi-row forms enabler for SharePoint Online list forms
Easily create multi-row SharePoint on-line forms, no need to buy technical form tools!
File Controller App (Office 365)
Easily configure file-size limitations and allowed/blocked file types for your lists/libraries.
List Marquee App (Office 365)
Configurable ticker (marquee) display for your SharePoint lists.
Scan App (Office 365)
Scan, OCR and upload to SharePoint Online in a single click!
Convert to PDF/Print App (Office 365)
Convert to PDF & Print in a single click!
Aggregated Calculation Field Type
Easily display calculated values based on aggregated data from multiple sites!
Org. Chart App (SPFx)
Great-looking & highly customizable Organization Chart for SharePoint Online!
Calendar Plus App (SPFx)
Easily roll-up all personal and shared calendars from SharePoint and Exchange Online!
Column Permissions App (Office 365)
Dynamically hide/show/deactivate fields in SharePoint list forms (O365)
Field Constraints App (Office 365)
Enhance your SharePoint Online forms with advanced field validations
Default Values App (Office 365)
Enhance your SharePoint list forms with dynamic default values!
Data View Plus App (SPFx)
The ultimate Swiss-knife of data retrieval and display!;
List Aggregator App (SPFx)
Easily roll-up information from your SharePoint lists across sites and site collections into a great-looking consolidated view.
Calendar Plus Web Part
Roll up all personal and shared scheduling data from various sources into a single aggregated SharePoint calendar view!
Cascading LookApp (Office 365)
Cross-site, filtered, cascaded Lookup field App for SharePoint Online (Office 365)
Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type
Easily implement cross-site lookup, Cascading fields and lookup field filtering functionality and produce extreme SharePoint solutions!
Charts for SharePoint
No need for Excel Services! Dynamic, interactive and amazingly-looking charts at the best price!
Clipboard Manager for SharePoint
Easily copy & paste locally-stored images and MS WORD rich content to your SharePoint!
Column/Field Permissions
Manage column-level permission
Conditional Formatting Field Type
Easily and quickly visualize your SharePoint content using conditional formatting.
Conditional Formatting App (Office 365)
Easily and quickly visualize your targets and performance using conditional formatting app.
Copy/Move SharePoint Content
Quickly copy or move SharePoint list items, calendar events, documents, folders and document sets across your SharePoint farm.
Countdown App (Office 365)
Great-looking countdown watches to better visualize your targets and deadlines
Current Item Property Web Part
Add Stocks, Maps and any otherWeb dynamic information from external sources to your SharePoint View/Edit Item pages in just few minutes!
Data View Plus Web Part
Display aggregated items Exactly the way you want, no messy xsl required!
Datasheet View for SharePoint 2013-2019
Want to keep working with the good old Datasheet view in SharePoint 2013-2019? You got it!
Default Values
Add Dynamic default values to your SharePoint list forms!
Discussion Board Feature

True, Internet-style discussion boards – in SharePoint !

Enterprise Aggregation Caching Feature
Cross-web application aggregations are now possible!
Field Constraints
Powerful & dynamic validations - now available in SharePoint!
File Bulk Zip
Easilly zip, download and send multiple documents.
File Controller Feature
Easily define max file size limitations and allowed/blocked file types in a list-scope.
File Upload Field Type
Gain control over your SharePoint file attachments!
Field Groups/Tabs
Multi-tab forms in SharePoint - so easy!
Image Rotator Web Part
The new SharePoint Image Rotator Web Part is here! Display pictures from remote locations with exciting and advanced effects!
Item Quick Navigation
Need to view/edit many items in a list view? Now you can do it a lot faster!
KPI Column (Office 365)
Easily visualize your goals, progress and status - now in Office 365!
KPI Field Type
Easily visualize your goals, progress and status!
KWizCom Custom Actions

Same SharePoint list forms, but... Now with the EXACT custom-menus your customers need!

KWizCom Mobile

Easily create custom-tailored mobile SharePoint solutions, Zero deployment! Zero development costs!!

KWizCom Forms
Easily implement sophisticated web forms by using the out-of-the-box SharePoint list forms! No need for any development, no need for SharePoint Enterprise or InfoPath/Forms Server!
List Aggregator
Easily aggregate data from a variety of lists and libraries across your entire farm, into a single clear, great looking consolidated view ! 
List Filter Plus Web Part
Filter and find information in your SharePoint lists - Now easier than ever with SharePoint List Filter Plus web part!  
List In-Line Editor
Easy import Excel data and bulk-edit your SharePoint lists - using any browser, no limits!
List View Plus App (SPFx)
Easily embed remote list views in your page, as if they were local!
Media Plus Web Part
Embed video files with no limits!! With the SharePoint Media Plus Web Part you can integrate video clips from almost any source!
Notifications Feature

Easily create time-based and rule-based notifications and get your reminders - on time!

Org. Chart Web Part
SharePoint Organization Chart web part displays a hierarchical view of organization breakdown structure (OBS), based on SHarePoint profile service, SharePoint lists or external Excel/XML data files.
Picture Library Plus
Upgrade your image viewing capabilities now! KWizCom SharePoint Picture Library Plus web part provides convenient display capabilities for your SharePoint Picture Libraries or any other standard SharePoint document list.
Printing Feature

Printing documents, lists, Wiki pages and InfoPath web forms has never been that easy in SharePoint!

Paste+ (Office 365 App)
Paste+ enables you to copy office documents and pictures from your local desktop to SharePoint.
Rating Solution
Web-style rating, voting and "kicking" for your SharePoint intranet and internet web site!
RecAPPtcha for SharePoint (Office 365)
Safely publish your on-line SharePoint forms and avoid spam!
Remote List Viewer
Easily view and manage remote SharePoint lists located in remote sites and servers!
Repeating Rows Field Type
Multi-row forms are now available in SharePoint!
Risk Management Chart web part
Easily visualize, identify and manage your project's risk ! SharePoint Risk Management Chart web part visually shows the project risks on a probability-impact matrix, based on the PMBOK risk management methodology.
Scanning Feature

Scan and upload documents to SharePoint – the easy way!

SharePoint Find & Replace
Safely find & replace old url's and strings in your SharePoint 2013 farm/O365 sites
Signature Pad Column
Quickly add signing capabilities to your SharePoint list forms.
Survey Plus Web Part
Easy-managed, configurable, great looking poll web part. Survey Web Part - Survey Plus provides an enhanced survey interface, including great-looking charts and fully customized questions/results interface.  
SharePoint Quick Previewer
Stop waiting for large files to download!
Tagging Feature
A comprehensive Taxonomy management solution for SharePoint ! Tagging and categorizing content using WEB 2.0-style tags or Hierarchical logic category trees is now available for SharePoint! 
URL Field with File Picker
URL Field with File Picker improves usability by replacing the out-of-the-box "URL" column and adding a "Browse" button that enables users to select existing files.
User/Group Redirection web part

Easily restrict access to internal/confidential pages in your Intranet/Extranet website!

View Permissions
Control your SharePoint views visibility!
Workflow Activity Toolkit
Easily implement no-code cross-organization workflows!
Wiki Plus

True, SharePoint-based Enterprise Wiki solution,
available for SharePoint 2007/WSS and SharePoint 2010/2013 Foundation and Server !

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