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KWizCom Forms App (Office 365)
True SharePoint-native Forms solution for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and Online (Office 365)!
KWizCom Touch App (Office 365)
SharePoint collaboration, redefined for touch experience & hand held devices
Field Groups/Tabs App (Office 365)
Turn your SharePoint 2013/Online forms into great-looking, multi-tab forms in just a few minutes!
Repeating Rows App (Office 365)
Multi-row forms enabler for SharePoint Online list forms
Easily create multi-row SharePoint on-line forms, no need to buy technical form tools!
File Controller App (Office 365)
Easily configure file-size limitations and allowed/blocked file types for your lists/libraries.
List Marquee App (Office 365)
Configurable ticker (marquee) display for your SharePoint lists.
Scan App (Office 365)
Scan, OCR and upload to SharePoint Online in a single click!
Convert to PDF/Print App (Office 365)
Convert to PDF & Print in a single click!
Org. Chart App (SPFx)
Great-looking & highly customizable Organization Chart for SharePoint Online!
Calendar Plus App (SPFx)
Easily roll-up all personal and shared calendars from SharePoint and Exchange Online!
Column Permissions App (Office 365)
Dynamically hide/show/deactivate fields in SharePoint list forms (O365)
Field Constraints App (Office 365)
Enhance your SharePoint Online forms with advanced field validations
Data View Plus App (SPFx)
The ultimate Swiss-knife of data retrieval and display!;
Default Values App (Office 365)
Enhance your SharePoint list forms with dynamic default values!
List Aggregator App (SPFx)
Easily roll-up information from your SharePoint lists across sites and site collections into a great-looking consolidated view.
Cascading LookApp (Office 365)
Cross-site, filtered, cascaded Lookup field App for SharePoint Online (Office 365)
Conditional Formatting App (Office 365)
Easily and quickly visualize your targets and performance using conditional formatting app.
Countdown App (Office 365)
Great-looking countdown watches to better visualize your targets and deadlines
KPI Column (Office 365)
Easily visualize your goals, progress and status - now in Office 365!
List View Plus App (SPFx)
Easily embed remote list views in your page, as if they were local!
Paste+ (Office 365 App)
Paste+ enables you to copy office documents and pictures from your local desktop to SharePoint.
RecAPPtcha for SharePoint (Office 365)
Safely publish your on-line SharePoint forms and avoid spam!
SharePoint Find & Replace
Safely find & replace old url's and strings in your SharePoint 2013 farm/O365 sites
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