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KWizCom Forms App (Office 365)
True SharePoint-native Forms solution for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and Online (Office 365)!
Field Groups/Tabs App (Office 365)
Turn your SharePoint 2013/Online forms into great-looking, multi-tab forms in just a few minutes!
Repeating Rows App (Office 365)
Multi-row forms enabler for SharePoint Online list forms
Easily create multi-row SharePoint on-line forms, no need to buy technical form tools!
Column Permissions App (Office 365)
Dynamically hide/show/deactivate fields in SharePoint list forms (O365)
Field Constraints App (Office 365)
Enhance your SharePoint Online forms with advanced field validations
Default Values App (Office 365)
Enhance your SharePoint list forms with dynamic default values!
Column/Field Permissions
Manage column-level permission
Default Values
Add Dynamic default values to your SharePoint list forms!
Field Constraints
Powerful & dynamic validations - now available in SharePoint!
File Controller Feature
Easily define max file size limitations and allowed/blocked file types in a list-scope.
Field Groups/Tabs
Multi-tab forms in SharePoint - so easy!
Item Quick Navigation
Need to view/edit many items in a list view? Now you can do it a lot faster!
KWizCom Custom Actions

Same SharePoint list forms, but... Now with the EXACT custom-menus your customers need!

KWizCom Forms
Easily implement sophisticated web forms by using the out-of-the-box SharePoint list forms! No need for any development, no need for SharePoint Enterprise or InfoPath/Forms Server!
Repeating Rows Field Type
Multi-row forms are now available in SharePoint!
Signature Pad Column
Quickly add signing capabilities to your SharePoint list forms.
View Permissions
Control your SharePoint views visibility!
KWizCom MVP Licenses