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Aggregated Calculation Field Type


Easily configure calculated values based on aggregated data

The SharePoint Aggregated Calculation field type display calculated summary values and KPI’s*,

based on aggregated data retrieved from a local/remote list view.


Aggregate values from remote list views

Unlike out-of-the-box SharePoint calculated column which can display calculated values based on the current item’s columns, the Aggregated Calculation column enables you to display summary calculated values based on many aggregated items from any other list.

* Together with the KWizCom KPI field type.

The Business Need

Dashboard sites such as Enterprise Project Management (EPM) portals for example, often need to display summary figures and kpi's which are based on aggregated data from multiple sub-sites (project sites in the EPM portal example).

With the Aggregated Calculation field you can easily configure and display summary columns for each sub-site. The following example displays various summary values and kpi's for each project site:

Aggregated kpi's from multiple project sites


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Aggregated Calculation Field Type are:

Feature Aggregated Calculation Field Type
Display summary functions (Count, Sum, Avg etc.) based on remote list views.


Use current list column values as dynamic properties.


Optionally allow end-user to change the configured summary function.


Enable configuring cache priod.


Enable configuring auto-refresh period.


Integrate with KWizCom KPI column and Conditional formatting column.


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Aggregated Calculation Field Type

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