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Discussion Board Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the SharePoint Discussion Boards Feature do?

The SharePoint Discussion Boards feature adds internet-style discussion board features to SharePoint, enabling you to manage an enhanced, enterprise discussion-boards service.

What does the solution include?

KWizCom’s Discussion Boards feature includes 3-main capabilities:
    Enhanced Discussion-boards user-experience
    As an end-user you can now find forums by subjects (groups) or by topics/posts, you can contribute much easier having emoticons, attachments, rich media as part of your enhanced content editor, mark posts as helpful or report abusive posts, see statistics, get RSS messages for topics that interest you and more.
    Multiple discussion boards management capabilities
    As the discussion board service administrator you get the necessary tools such as the ability to publish specific discussion boards, manage abusive posts, manage subjects (groups), add and manage discussion boards across sites, manage abusive posts and more.
    By customizing the css file and the .NET user controls you can perform deep customizations in order to make this solution fit your exact custom needs.

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Discussion Board Feature

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