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Document Event Tracker Feature


Did anyone read the new procedure I’ve published? Has anyone viewed my presentation?
This information is now available to document owners, not just administrators!

With KWizCom’s Document Event Tracker Feature, document owners are easily able to track and see what other users have done with their documents, for instance: has it been read? Edited? Checked out?

SharePoint Document Event Tracker menu

SharePoint Document Event Tracker



The business need

While SharePoint provides audit log information, this log is available only to site collection administrators and not to end users. It is these end users who actually create the documents, and are therefore the most invested in understanding the events pertaining to their documents.
These document owners need to understand “What is happening with the document that I’ve published?” When publishing a procedure for example, it is often critical to know who actually viewed it.
The KWizCom Document Event Tracker feature simply makes this information accessible to these end-users, enabling a new level of collaboration and adding value to the SharePoint experience.


Key Features

FeatureSharePoint Document
Event Tracker
MOSS 2007 out-of-the-box
Provide audit log in SharePoint 2007 / WSS 3.0



Document owner sees all document events
(view, update, check-out)


Available only to administrators 

Export the audit log of document events to Excel worksheet



View the audit log of document events in Excel services  






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Document Event Tracker Feature

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