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Column/Field Permissions


Easily Manage SharePoint Forms Column Permissions!

With the Field Permissions Feature you can control the visibility of specific list form fields.

This way you can turn your SharePoint list forms into dynamic forms that display only the relevant fields according to the current context, and to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive content.


Easy access to field permissions settings page

We've added a new "Field-Level Permissions" management page to every list. This way, the list owner can quickly manage the list's column permissions by simply clicking the "Field level permissions" ribbon button:

SharePoint field permissions ribbon button


Configure column-level permissions

You can configure which list fields should be editable, read-only or invisible.
You can also target these field rules to specific list form page/s and to the required target users/groups!

SharePoint field permissions - target columns


Dynamic, field-based permissions rules

Dynamic column-permission rules enable you to show/hide/disable fields depending on values of other fields in the form.
This enables you to add real context to your form, by showing only the relevant fields according to user's choices in other fields.

SharePoint dynamic column permissions rules

The Business Need

This is probably the biggest gap with SharePoint forms: they are generic and have no context.

In real life, a form used by different users, or when used at different points in time, should display different fields.


  • Help-Desk form submissions – the customer and the helpdesk engineer utilize different fields  – each sees what's relevant to their task
  • Task management - Although a user has permissions to edit tasks in a list, once a task is marked "Completed", we might want to lock the task from any additional editing.


We all got used to working with SharePoint lists and document libraries. It is only natural to expect these list forms (New, Edit, View) to include all required web form features, instead of making us buy and learn a seperate Forms technology such as InfoPath or any other Forms servers.

The Field Permissions Feature is part of  KWizCom Forms, which allows SharePoint customers to keep using the well-known list forms by turining them into powerful & dynamic web forms. This way there's no new technology to learn and deploy, simply keep using the same SharePoint list forms that now can include all the missing web form features.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Column/Field Permissions are:

Feature Field Permissions Feature SharePoint 2010/2013
Display/hide fields from list forms (New/Edit/View item) to specific users or SharePoint groups.



Disable fields for specific users or SharePoint groups.



Dynamic permission rules: Hide/Disable fields according to a criteria based on list fields' values.



Support [Me] and [Today] SharePoint tokens in field-based criteria for hiding/disabling fields



Server-side event handler that prevents the updating of defined document properties using webDav (thus bypassing the SharePoint web interface)



Support client-side events. True client-side logic (dependency between form fields) can be deployed with no postbacks!



Save field permission settings within site and list templates



Import/export settings



Use external data in conditions



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Column/Field Permissions

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