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File Controller Feature


Maximum control over types and sizes of files uploaded to your SharePoint lists & libraries !

KWizCom’s SharePoint File Controller feature works at the list and/or library level to enforce file size limits and to define which file types can be uploaded. With SharePoint out-of-the-box, these definitions are only available at the web application level.



The Business Need

As noted above, with SharePoint out of the box, defining a maximum size for upload file and permitted file types is only available at the a web application level. This means that SharePoint administrators cannot define and enforce a more flexible policy to allow different file types and sizes in different SharePoint implementations.
With the KWizCom’s File Controller Feature, you can now fine tune file size and types rules for different scenarios. For example, in a media library, allow AVI, MP4 and WMV file types with a file size smaller than 50 MB, or in a product design library, only permit .docx file types with a file size smaller than 10 MB.


Key Features & Benefits

FeatureFile Controller FeatureSharePoint 2007SharePoint 2010/2013/2016
Define maximum file sizes for upload at the list/library level


In web application level only

In web application level only

Define file types (block or allow) at the list/library level


 Blocked types only  Blocked types only
Inherit maximum file size and allowed file types from content types  Yes    

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File Controller Feature

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